Job: Chofer

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

This is a part-time benefits eligible position that requires a CDL with passenger endorsement and the ability to work a morning and evening shift.


The driver ensures proper transport of LMC patients by performing the following duties.


1. Calls patients the night before to confirm pick-up.

2. Transports the scheduled patients to and from the centers or to and from any other medical facility previously approved and scheduled by the Referrals Department, Transportation Supervisor, and/or Center Administrator.

3. Assists all passengers (including passengers with special needs) in entering and leaving vans; holds umbrella in wet weather.

4. Ensures that all passengers are wearing their seat belt.

5. Assists the patient in a courteous, respectful and efficient manner while transporting them.

6. Keeps open channels of communication with the Dispatcher at all times.

7. Fills out weekly transportation status reports.

8. Complies with the requirements of the department regarding working hours or schedules, to ensure proper operations.

9. Keeps vehicle clean, polished, and in good operating condition.

10. Drives in a safe and alert manner.

Skills / Requirements


To perform this job successfully an individual must be patient in dealing with an elderly population and sympathetic to hearing or vision deficiencies.  Ability to work effectively independently and in a team environment.  Must have excellent interpersonal skills.

Some experience with transporting passengers.


Must be Fluent in English and Spanish in order to communicate with our patients.


Commercial Driver License (CDL)with passenger endorsement.  Excellent driving record.


Important Notes

Actual Job Location:

Miami, FL